Research On The Effects of Ketogenic Diet On People

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The Ketogenic diet comprises of an intake of a high fat, very low carbohydrates, and adequate protein hence without putting some control over the calories, and we will induce different metabolic adaptations such as the increased levels of circulating Ketone bodies and thus a shift to metabolic bodies. The method involved a six-week study involving detailed instructions during classes and individual counseling by a dietitian. The dietary regime was monitored by daily measurement of urinary ketones and a seven days food records. The entire texts were performed overnight. It was found that the 42 subjects of the bracket 25-49 years with a BMI range 20.8-27.0 kg/m2 completed the study and the urinary Ketone was detectable. In summary, the result had a negative impact on the physical performance such as the endurance. Our findings led us to give an assumption that ketone does not impact fitness (Schmidt & Kammerer, 2011).

                                             The critics of the research and application                                            

Despite the increasing use of very low carbohydrates ketogenic diets in the weight control and perhaps in the control of syndrome (Schmidt & Kammerer, 2011).  The Ketogenic diets contrary to the result of the research may be very useful in the sporting departments such as the weight class division. The diet has an explosive strength performance and increases the fitness of the person under the diet.  The research was then used to the restrictions of the use of Ketone in the diets of many people especially the athletes and others who usually indulge in some activities that require endurance. In addition to this, the further studies were to initiated to effect and find out the truth of the finding and hence a plus to the research departments.

Work cited

Schmidt, M., Pfetzer, N., Schwab, M., Strauss, I., & Kämmerer, U. (2011). Effects of a ketogenic diet on the quality of life in 16 patients with advanced cancer: A pilot trial. Nutrition & Metabolism, 8(1), 54.

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