Why can “success lead to failure

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Why can “success lead to failure”?

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Title: The Theory and Practice of Change Management (4th Ed.)

Author: Hayes, John

ISBN-13: 9781137275349

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (2014)

Edition: 4th

Why can “success lead to failure”?

The situation may look rhetorical, but it occurs on many occasions in life where success has led to a failure. The society has always believed in the phrase that several failure and attempts often result in success in the long run which is perhaps the opposite of this phrase.

John Hayes uses a scenario of a brilliant man known as Chester who had spent several years to come up with an invention while at the same time studying law on a part time basis. After the completion of the design, he partnered with the Haloid cooperation where they managed to build a superior product. However, the unfortunate situation is that they increased the price to be ten times higher than the market price in the society where most of the people could not afford, and this led to a drastic failure. The most probable reason why he failed is enthusiastic and failure to read the society to find out what is happening and which product can suit them and most probably what they can afford (Jordan & Vazzana, 2011). Many people especially may be resistant to changes especially regarding prices of goods which have led to conflict with the local marketers.


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