Golden ratio

In this paper, you need to do a Mathematical exploration.
The report is on golden ratio; In which you link geometry and 2-3 other maths topics for a good exploration. Use the IB mathematics book for that. I have attached examples you may use same the concept but don’t copy.
You need to have a research question.
The paper is all about mathematics. It should NOT have much text. Short introduction and Short reflection, discussion. The rest paper needs to be the report. You explore the topic, Make you own examples/findings/ideas. Very short text can be used to explain but no more. Its all maths that I want in the paper.
All the graphs images, tables, diagrams etc should be drawn on ms word. All symbols data everything should be written using “formula” in ms word. presented in mathematics order. Do not copy paste. The all topics, explorations should be connected/linked.

The criteria is attached. Pleasee follow it. Where criteria 5 is the most important. Use the IB book to follow. Make sure not to repeat anything and have a right sentence structure.
Introduction should have the aim rational. why topic was chosen, where the interest builded up from.
The maths presentation is done right.
personal interest.
Please use reference which are easily retrieved. Provide the link

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