Problem solving Methodology

Problem Solving Paper and Project
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You will investigate and research a problem solving methodology such as “Root Cause Analysis”, “Thinking Aloud Paired Problem Solving”, “Incubation”, “Brainstorming”, or any method from the Text Thinkertoys book. (I can attach files of the items) Y
• A written paper on the history and modern use of a problem solving method. It is encouraged to research or interview a person in an organization that uses the particular methodology.
• Note: You may also choose to research “decision support software” and how it is used to support decision making in organizations. For example Microsoft Project for scheduling, additional examples may be Help Desk Software, Project Management software, etc.

  1. The paper:
    a. At least 4-5 pages are required, not including the bibliography and appendices. (To the writer: I can add personal items that relate to me after the paper is done. Thank you in advance for all your help)
    b. A bibliography of sources with at least three sources are required. Quality is more important than quantity.
    c. The paper must be your original writing.
    You may include a limited number of quotations, but these must be clearly designated with quotation marks and appropriately attributed to their source. The majority of your paper must be written in your own words.
    See the paragraphs below under MLA Citation on how to cite your resources (you may also use APA if you wish).
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