The Value Proposition

The Value Proposition

Chapter 5 illustrates that consumers have varying degrees of brand “loyalty”. (See Oliver definition of Loyalty on page 127 of the textbook). The “Value Proposition” states that there are a whole range of benefits the company “promises” to deliver. (More than just the benefit the actual product itself has).

Discuss some of these “benefits”. Mention some examples you yourself have encountered with specific brand. Are you brand loyal in a particular product category?

What are some other ways that companies are building brand loyalty?

Customer Empowerment

“The customer is king”. We’ve all heard this expression before. Generally speaking, these days companies are bending over backwards to please their customers.

Why do you think this is the case? Or perhaps you disagree?

Share some experiences you’ve had with how your customer complaint was handleiqud. Was it handled to your satisfaction?

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