Counseling Process

The statement is made that: by studying their own family of origin, counselors are better
able to understand how their early background may influence their professional work.
What are your thoughts on this?

  1. Our text (chapter 2) points out that in beginning to practice counseling, an individual may
    adopt patterns of behavior from their family of origin. Provide an example of this.
  2. How might a therapist’s unresolved personal conflicts influence the counseling process?
  3. Personal therapy for those in the helping professions has many benefits including
    ongoing self-care. Identify and describe a few other benefits that practitioners and
    students in the helping professions may learn from their own therapy experiences.
  4. Erikson describes human lifespan development in terms of stages, each marked by a
    transition (crisis) to be resolved. Per our text, what are some contextual factors that might
    influence an individual’s course of development throughout the individual’s life cycle?
  5. Complete the inventory: Roles of Values in Helping (in our text). Identify your 3 top
    values, and reflect on what your list tells you about the role your values will play in your
  6. Explain the difference between imposing and exposing values.
  7. Describe recommended best practices regarding making referrals.
  8. Our text describes significant court cases on values conflicts. Identify one of the cases
    and discuss the relevance of the outcome.
  9. Identify Erikson’s stages of development (from Infancy to Late Adulthood) and the main
    developmental/psychosocial tasks associated with each stage. (maiquke a chart for this)
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