The Clinton Years

The period that best reflects the 1990s essentially started with Operation Desert Storm, where the US/NATO forces defeated Saddam Hussein in the “First Gulf War” and ended with the attack on the US on 9-11. Bracketed in between those 10 years were primarily the Clinton years. The Soviet Union was now dissolved and the US was the sole “superpower.” China was once again pretty isolated after its brief flirt with the easing of the freedom of speech in 1989.

The 1990s are now considered a good decade for the US. The Soviet Union was gone and the US was the sole superpower.

Please review the video below, along with your notes. From these two sources, please identify what you believe were the three most important events or things of the 1990. Please make sure that your items, and the reasons that you believe they were critical coviquer at least 200 words.

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