The Effect of Globalisation on Trade: A Case of UK business’s

State that only secondary data is being used due to covid restrictions and how it will effect this research project.
in the intro
Look at current practices of globalisation through UK Business’s and how this has a positive / negative impact
on the environment , cultures, illegal activities around the world and other effects.
Look at how globalisation has had an impact on emerging countries within the last decade and how UK business's have played a port for example countries like, India,China, United Arab Emirates and their cultures
and traditions . Look at how globalisation has played a part in how the UK has become more multicultural and
the implication and social problems e.g. Racism, Crime and Brexit / politics. Look at how Covid has impacted
globalisation and the effect it has had on UK business’s.
Look at how UK business’s with examples can improve the future of globalisation through new more modern
practises, As well as the future of globalisation one example how cryptocurrencies may play a part also
government regulations
e.g. grants promoting it
Also the future of globalisation especially due to recovering from covid and brexit impacts

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