Business Analytics Project

Assessment 2 – Business Analytics Project

Part 1: Analytics Reports (50%)

Business intelligence (BI) reports are very important communication tools in managerial decision-making and are targeted to a variety of audiences that include accountants, finance professionals, marketers, salespeople, product managers, among others. The relevance, utility and timeliness of presented information are critical for effective and efficient decision-making.

Business Case:

You are the manager of the business intelligence department at Insight Toys Corporation, one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers with operations across the globe. As a member of cross- functional committee, three departments managers have asked you for help in developing a case study (a visual story line) that will help the executive team for better and faster understanding of the presented information. They want to go over some facts about current business performance and then use that data to collectively make the case for a new strategy.

The managers are not sure what type of data/numbers will ultimately be used, and therefore, they have asked you to make the business report as flexible as possible in order to allow for further explorations, e.g., filtering, slicing and dicing.

Instructions for report creation and marking criteria:

  • Use at least six different Objects from Tables, Graphs, Controls, Analytics, Containers and Content provided by SAS Visual Analytics.
  • Create a Business Intelligence (BI) report with at least three sections on operations (10%), marketing (10%) and finance (10%). This BI report should include key facts about company’s performance on a global and regional level. These facts should include both financial and marketing related data.
  • Decide on the appropriate visualization tool/type to use based on the data you choose, and information you intend to portray. How will these charts be perceived by a non- technical user? What questions he/she may ask and answer with it? (10%)
  • Make use of additional tools/functions such as global and local filters, text inputs, text content displays and images. (10%)
  • Your final BI report should be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation (5-7 slides max.).
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