Tech ethics in popular culture

The goal of this project is to evaluate ethical challenges in both mainstream non-tech films and technology films. Submit an academically sound research paper based upon the movie “The Dark Knight.” The paper must be submitted in Microsoft Word format, with a cover sheet, standard 1″ page margins, 12 pt. Calibri or Times New Roman font. Pictures, graphs, or other diagrams are acceptable and encouraged if they support or enhance your arguments. At least two (2) external references must be included and properly cited. In addition, at least three (3) examples from the selected films must be referenced in the paper.
Additional requirements:
 2,500-5,000 words
 Presentation Summary (400-500 word version of your larger paper, suitable for presentation to the
 Cover Page (include course, name, date, title of paper)
 Introduction
 Analysis
 Formal Conclusion
 Bibliography/Works Cited (select appropriate citation method and be consistent)
Spelling and grammatical errors should not exist within the final product.

Answer the following questions:
1. Describe the ethical dilemma posed in the movie. Is the ethical challenge faced by the protagonist or antagonist? Does that impact how the issue is presented?
2. Explain how the movie resolved the dilemma. How did the characters contribute to that resolution, either positively or negatively?
3. Where there any alternate resolutions considered? If yes, why were they ultimately not chosen?
4. What lessons could you take away as a technology student?
5. If you were faced with the same dilemma, how would you have handled it?
6. What did you learn from the project (conclusion)?

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