lime disease

NURS 151:  PEDIATRIC NURSING PAPER GRADING CRITERIA Instructions:  Students choose a disease diagnosis that is not presented in class, which includes endocrine diagnoses. The paper is APA format in 2-3 typed, double-spaced pages (excluding title page & reference page), & in-text reference citations. Quotations (not more than 1 per page) are cited in-text with author, […]

Systematic Literature Review Meta-Analysis with PRISMA

Rubric for Evaluating the Research Article (Group project)x For systematic review article, use the template in BB under “Templates”.Total Score=44CATEGORYExcellent=4 Good=3 Acceptable=2Poor=1 N/AScore1-Overall Writing SkillRULE: Be aware of composition skills includingwriting clearly, easy to read and avoid longparagraphs. Keep related ideas and information,clauses and phrases, together. Be aware ofwriting mechanics including spelling andpunctuations. Use sentences […]

Use of hydrotherapy tub for labor

Evidence-Based Practice Paper Use of hydrotherapy tub for labor Write a 6-7 page (double-spaced) paper that addresses the following: Component Instructions Grading     Introduction   o Briefly describe the current state of topic (3 pts)   o State the purpose of the paper (2 pts) 5 p       5 pts Synthesize the […]

Criminal Law

FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW PROJECT 1: COMPARISON OF THE ROOT CAUSES OF CRIME You are working as a criminal justice research specialist assigned to a special crime reduction task force. The officials would like a report from you on three main theories as they relate to criminal behavior. The focused crimes are personal assault, robbery, burglary, […]

Problem solving Methodology

Problem Solving Paper and ProjectGeneral:my notes***Would you be able to help me write a paper that I can interview someone and add this part later. The paper is due late November, but if you could help me now get started that would be amazing. ******Project:You will investigate and research a problem solving methodology such as […]

Impacts of Colonization

History 1301 Essay Assessment Assignment General Information and Instructions: The purpose of this assignment is to use different historical methods you have learned about during this course to complete a historical research project.  Your research project should start with your developing a historical question, that you then research, and then attempt to answer using both […]


You will be reviewing a case study, “Improving inventory accuracy using RFID technology: a case study” by Daniel Hellstro¨m and Mathias Wiberg from the Division of Packaging Logistics, Department of Design Sciences, Lund University, Lund, Sweden. It is based on some real applications. Address the following questions: How many gates or entry points for collecting […]

Ethical and Policy Factors in Care Coordination

Select a community organization or group that you feel would be interested in learning about ethical and policy issues that affect the coordination of care. Then, develop and record a 10-12-slide, 20-minute presentation, with audio, intended for that audience. Create a detailed narrative script for your presentation, 4-5 pages in length. As coordinators of care, […]

Group Project: Contracting and Procurement Methods

SceneriosReview these scenarios: Your boss owns 2,000 shares of stock of one of the vendors, his wife works for another vendor, and he is on the procurement selection committee for the project. A third vendor in contention for this project has offered everyone on your team tickets to the hockey game this weekend in the […]

Finance and Accounting

Case Study 3 – Charlie Driver and 4C Company. UPDATED: 10/21/2020 a. With reference to the financial statements prepared for the 4C Company for Year 2007 (see Case 2),  prepare a common-size vertical statement. The local restaurant association provided Charlie with  statistical data that are applicable for a table service, family-oriented, lunch and dinner restaurant […]

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