Discuss the American West from Frederick Jackson Turner’s “closing of the frontier” in 1890 through the 1960s.

Discuss the American West from Frederick Jackson Turner’s “closing of the frontier” in 1890 through the 1960s. What major social, political, economic, and environmental developments have shaped the West during the 20th century? While you will rely primarily on the Hine text, remember to use at least three sources from course readings to help illustrate […]

Affordable Housing Crisis

Review the assignment instructions:You are looking to persuade your audience, not just inform. Need a solid, debatable claim at the beginning of your essay. Research should only constitute 10-15% of your final essay. Revise to ensure you are not being too source reliant. Double-check in-text and works cited citations for accurate placement and accurate formatting.Introduction:Big […]


The questions should be original short situational-based scenarios, sometimes referred to as “vignettes”. Some questions may be straightforward “1-step” questions. However, a substantial portion of questions should be more complicated. That is, “2 or 3-step” questions asking something about that advanced role, advanced concept, or advanced practice. These types of questions provide an opportunity for […]

Manifest Destiny

You should choose one: Be specific and provideclear examples: Essays should be at least 500 wordsWe began the semester with a unit on Manifest Destiny and western expansion and concluded with theannexation of Texas, the Mexican-American War, the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, and the Compromise of Discuss expansionism and the idea of “Manifest Destiny” during the […]

report on enbridge company

The report will be on the company “Enbridge” consider the following additional comments/guidance: Requirement 3) Analyze & Summarize the significant accounting policies are all accounts required included? If not, did the company explain why it was excluded (or perhaps it doesn’t have that type of asset?) are all significant accounting policies appropriately explained & addressed? […]

A Critique of Lockheed Martin

A Critique of Lockheed MartinIn this assignment you will be asked to review Chapter 4, the final chapter of Terris’ book, and to spend some time applying your critical thinking skills in evaluating Lockheed Martin’s efforts.Case Assignment What do you think about the notion presented by Terris that Lockheed’s ethics program does little to prevent […]

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