Business Analysis and System Recommendation (BA&SR): Strategic and Operational Outcomes

The strategic use of technology

Decision making

A competitive advantage is perhaps illusive to obtain and to maintain as well. One of the primary competitive advantages of CIC is the ability to recruit and retain the best IT professional staff in the industry to influence a fast and technology based hiring process for the success of its operation and customer satisfaction (Bourgeois, 2014). Therefore, the process will enhanced an effective sharing and cooperation of the staff through online services and hence faster and productive decision making process. The following is the decision making processes;

RoleLevelExample of Possible Decision Supported by Hiring System
 Strategic levelThe managers would take more contracts due to the increased and effective system for hiring.
 Management levelThe management will also decide to seek for more funds and support to maintain the hired staff and improve the skills of the recruiters.
OperationalOperational levelCreation of more positions due to the increased efficiency of performing the tasks.


The new improved hiring system will improve and efficient communication between the operational managers and the staff to be recruited through requisition of job opportunities in a faster manner. The technology-based factor will allow the CIC to communicate to obtain the resumes and deliver the feedback to the people scheduled for interviews (Bourgeois, 2014).


It is the process through which the organizations can share and work together as a team to obtain the set objective (Bourgeois, 2014). Once communication channels are improved, the collaboration between employees directly involved with the hiring of new staff can get a clear overview web-based portal of the entire hiring process.  This enables, and promotes, departmental cohesion within CIC by allowing everyone from all departments’ access to review, critique, and provided resolutions as needed.


 Communication is the foundation that relationships are built.  The hiring technology will promote cohesion between the candidates and the CIC organization through a flow and efficient communication process (Bourgeois, 2014). The candidates can understand and be updated on the requirements.


Structure in a hiring process is important because it allows employees to understand their expected roles throughout the recruitment process (Bourgeois, 2014). It’s vivid that when the employees know their functions in the organization, the interview process becomes easy and efficient with much time keeping,

Competitive advantage

Strategic and operational outcomes

The technology based new hiring system implementation will assist the Chesapeake IT consultants with the recruitment of the employees to the organization faster and effective than the previous that has faults (Gunasekaran, 2007). The following are the strategic goals the new technology is achieved upon its implementation;

Strategic Goal (from case study)Objective (clear, measurable and time-bound)Explanation (2-3 sentences)
Increase CIC Business Development by winning new contracts in the areas of IT ConsultingIncrease the number of skilled staff and effective records for follow-upThe hiring system will ensure a faster recruitment process in order to reach the target of 70 people per three months. These is achieved through departments collaboration as well.
 Retain the high skilled personnel and hire more technical staff to handle the client’s contracts.The hiring system will be able to hire more qualified and skilled workers on the department. The more the skilled the employees the more excellent are the services and satisfaction of the clients.
 Hire IT skilled personnel and retain the best ones in the company for the performance.The hiring system is able to check on the qualification and skills of the employees through an effective recording system performed by the new technology.
  1. Process analysis

The current hiring process at CIC is along one and does not use the enhanced technology that is being used in the today’s society especially in the organizations.

CIC Hiring Process
As/Is Process (copied from Stage 1)To/Be ProcessBusiness Benefits of Improved Process
2. The best applicants Resumes are screened via interoffice mail.The resumes are received from the applicant to the CIC databasesThe screening allows for the recruiters to select the best team for hire.
3. Routing of the best candidates to the hiring manager of the CiC.Ted will send the routing is done from the interoffice mail system to the managerThe process allows the managers to make a selection of the best candidate.
4. The top candidate’s selection by the hiring manager.The selection is done through conducting an interview.Reduced the time that is taken to check on the entire population of the applicants and therefore improves the efficiency and saves time.
5. Scheduling of interviewTed will plan on the interview based on who will conduct and how many candidates will attend.The planning process will ensures that the entire process works efficiently.
6. Interview of top candidatesThe applicants will be interviewed by assistant administrative.Ensures that the right candidates with the required skills are taken for efficiency purposes.
7. Collection of feedback from interview teamTed will then collect the result from the interview team and take it to William Bradley.These are important for approval purposes.
8. Update the recruiter on status of intervieweesTed will then update Paul O’Brien (along with Mac Thompson and Juliet Jackson)These are essential in keeping the track on the ongoing approvals.
9. Coordination of new hire paperwork with HRMr. Ted will then involve Bradley on the coordination process. These maintain the flow of work and corporation.
10. Updating the HR system with new hire informationThe IT staff updates the data to the database of the Human resource.These are essential for future reference and delegation of duties to be performed.
11. Contacting the new hireThe recruiter then informs the candidates hired and give then further information.Ensures that the teams are updated on the next stage of action which is basically the reporting time and date.
Requirement NumberRequirementSource (individual) from Case Study – name and title
U-1The system shall create a job offer for the chosen candidate.Recruiter – Paul O’Brien
U-2The system shall screen the resumes of the candidates.Recruiter – Paul O’Brien
U-3The system to track the status of the candidates.Hiring manager
U-4The system to track the staff skills and the papers.CFO-Marianne Cho
UR-1The system to update the new hiring details.Human Resource manager,  William Bradley
SS-1Securing of the client’s data records.CIO-Fadil Abadi
SS-2The system maintains the credibility of CIC.CIO-Fadil Abadi
SP-1The process increases the efficiency in hiring.Manager recruiting-Suzanne Rodriguez
SP-2Decrease in the cost of functionality.CFO-Marianne Cho
SP-3Get rid of the manual hiring process.Human Resource manager-William Bradley


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