Homeland Security Incidents

Your Research Analysis Essay will address the following ideas:IntroductionPresent a topic or issue relevant to your academic or professional field.This will be presented in your introduction. Explain the overall background and background of this issue andinclude a well-constructed thesis statement that indicates your topic and the purpose you will develop.Article 1Discuss your first source article.Identify […]


Ethical Behaviour in Business You are interviewing candidates for an important role in your team. When you receive the short-list you notice that your cousin has applied. Does this change the way that you are going to approach the interview process? You own a small business and one of your main customers has failed to […]

New Department-ABC Supply Co

You’ve been in the weeds getting to know your organization and coming up with the perfect, and perfectlycomposed, staff to meet its strategic communications needs. Now share your work with your colleagues.Write a paragraph or two introducing your organization, explaining your staffing choices, and discussing whatyou would be willing to give up if the organization […]

Which of the following interpretations, if any, do you agree with?

Which of the following interpretations, if any, do you agree with?• Sara Roy, ‘Why Peace Failed: An Oslo Autopsy’, in, Failing Peace: Gaza and thePalestinian-Israeli Conflict (London, 2007)• Naseer H. Aruri, ‘The Wye Memorandum: Netanyahu’s Oslo and UnreciprocalReciprocity’, Palestinian Studies, Vol. 28 (No. 2, 1999), pp. 17-28.• Raymond, G. Helmick, Negotiating Outside the Law: Why […]

Kotter’s Change Model

Describe a potential case scenario involving a MSN-prepared nurse in your selected area of practice (ICU).Within the scenario, identify a specific problem which needs to be addressed. Examples might include a newcurriculum, change in the EHR, decreasing patient satisfaction rates, safety risks, or another situation whichimpacts your future MSN role.Discuss how Kotter’s Change Model would […]

Art Creation and Reflection

Required ResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity:• Textbook: Chapter 9, 10• Lesson• Minimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook)InstructionsThis week you will use your readings from the past week as a point of departure to create your own artistic production and a reflection paper.Part 1: Art CreationSelect a poem, musical piece, […]

Prescribing Episode Case Study (Level-7): Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis In this part you need to discuss the consultation and your rationale for your prescribing decisions.• This is not a reflection or narrative essay. It must be written as an academic, critical analysis; citing evidence from appropriate sources.• These must be peer reviewed and referenced according to ARU Harvard guidelinesLinks to an external […]

The Employee Protection Act 1977 (NSW) provides for the rehabilitation of employees of the State of NSW and certain corporations

REFERENCING STYLE MUST BE AGLC The Employee Protection Act 1977 (NSW) provides for the rehabilitation of employees of the State of NSW and certain corporations. The Act also makes provision for workers’ compensation for those employees. It establishes CareNSW as a body to provide funds to employees for rehabilitation and compensation for injuries sustained or […]

memo of advise

Client is Carol Jones and client lives at a house 34 Holterman Street, Hamilton, [your state] which client and spouse own. They have a large mortgage to a bank which they are paying off.Spouse is Garry Jones. They were married in a civil ceremony at the registry office at [your capital city] on 6 October […]

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