Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that your company is reliable? 

Although there have been different complaints on online services’ unreliability, considering our company to work on your assignment will provide you with a difference. We are a reliable company to ensure customer satisfaction in all areas surrounding writing different academic papers. 

What are the types of services offered by your company?

Essaytalent.com is the home of all academic writing services. We offer a wide variety of services to our clients, including essays, research papers, term papers, proposals, dissertations, personal statements, and CV. Concerning your area of study, our qualified team of writers can integrate their knowledge and qualification to provide you with high-quality paper. 

What are the benefits gained while using your services? 

We guarantee our clients significant benefits once they consider our company to provide essay writing services. The benefits include 

  • High-quality writing services within the vast competitive markets 
  • Delivery of the order is within the time given
  • Free revisions, title page, and references 
  • Customer satisfaction 

Is this online writing service legal? 

Essaytalent.com provides the best online writing service in regard to the U.S. and E.U’s laws and regulations. Our company is aware of the protection lad and legislation laws and their importance to our clients. 

What are the steps involved in placing my order? 

Go to Essaytalent.com website 

  • Create a personal account with us; a confirmation email is sent to your email
  • Click on the option” place an order” with us
  • Fill all the necessary information concerning your order on the form provided 
  • Place your payment method, and one of the writers is supplied with your order to work on 

We encourage you to follow your assignment progress by communicating with our writers through the message portal. 

Who will work on my assignment? 

Essaytalent.com is known worldwide for its effectiveness in providing high-quality assignment papers and enhancing customer satisfaction. The success of our company relies on our writers. Our professional writers’ team is dedicated to offering the best results by writing high-quality non-plagiarized papers. Our significance is your confidence in our writers. 


Can you make payments partially or by installment? 

We accept partial payments or deposits. According to our system, the client is expected to pay at least 50% of the order payment. After the paper order is completed, the client is required to clear the overall balance. 

How to make payments for your services 

You can make the initial payments by using PayPal, credit cards, debit cards 

Your paper 

Can you deliver work within the shortest time possible?

Yes, we can, you only need to indicate the deadline of your essay, and we will provide it within the time required

What if I am not satisfied with the assignment help service 

If the paper is not submitted within the deadline indicated, it is essential to contact us through our live chat with a customer care representative or sending us an email or else call us. Our customer care representative will provide you with a solution. Clients can face delays in their assignment submission as a result of priding the wrong email or  

The email account is having a problem receiving out emails hence ending up in the SPAM folder. In different cases, the writer may require additional information; thus, it is essential to check for progression on your work as it may lead to unnecessary delay of the assignment.

How is the assignment paper delivered?

Once you place an order with superb writers, you are provided with different delivery options. You can choose the best option that suits your need, and the writing process starts once you place your payments with us. Our writers will work on your paper within the deadline indicated. If you need quality paper, we encourage you to include all the relevant information and documents while placing your order with us. The submission period involves the date and time you had set.

How will I receive my paper? 

Once our writers complete your assignment, a notification message is sent to you through email. We encourage our clients to check on the progress of the order, and through this approach, we will be able to avoid any mistakes. To maintain privacy for our customers, our writers don’t send emails of work to other clients. We have developed different options for managing your orders on our company website platform, for instance, managing your order and personal paper page. 

How can I check for plagiarism? 

Our company understands the consequences of plagiarism in academic. Our plagiarism policy defines our effectiveness in offering non-plagiarized. We guarantee our client’s free plagiarized paper; hence any paperwork submitted by our writers is passed through plagiarism software detectors such as turnitin and plag-scan. 

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