Media Usage analysis

Part one

The information of my media usage for four weeks about text messages, phone calls, and posts is as follows. During the four weeks, I have used approximately 1120 text messages like SMS and also on the WhatsApp. I have also made 600 phone calls and also 1000 posts on the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. My media consumption through the texts, phone calls and posts are made from both official and non-official circumstances.

Actual I like watching movies and TV shows so much especially when bored or relaxing with friends. Every day I watch at least two movies and three TV shows. Therefore, during the four weeks, I watched 140 both movies and TV shows. The statistics cuts across whole movies and not the incompletes ones which I could not manage to finish.

 I spend about 16 hours with my phone making calls and at most time texting with my friends. It is imperative that the only time we disconnect with my phone is during my 8 hours daily. Moreover, I spend about 10 hours daily on the internet which is approximately 280 hours in four weeks. I spend about 2 hours a day watching news apparently on two occasions when am at home. This is approximately 56 hours in four weeks. I spend like five each day reading books, especially when researching and doing assignments. The total hours spent on reading books is 140 hour in 4 weeks.  I do spend very little time on concerts and TVs.

The use of media contributes much to our daily lives. We use media in a variety of ways to maintain the knowledge and communication which we use in day to day life. It is one of the many ways of communication that is utilized to receive and deliver information to influence people either locally or globally. I use media communicate to other people in the society and at the same time receive other people’s communication. I also use media for entertainment especially the movies and other social networks. Moreover, I use media when I want to receive information or news from friends and also the nation. I also use the media when am bored and wants to be entertained. Consequently, I use the media everywhere such as at home, school or perhaps in public, whether traveling. This is aided by my phone having all the application to perform and receive all the media reports.

Based on the information above I can say that my usage of media is expected. This is because of the availability of technology around us making it easy for access. As a student, I have to use the media in learning which corresponds to my 5 hours of reading daily. Moreover, a lot of information is present on the internet making it appropriate to visit the media sites. As a student, we always have some time unoccupied especially during the weekends which can only be fitted by either going on invited concerts or watching movies. Therefore, I can confidently say that the usage was constructive. This is evident with a study conducted to find out the usability of media among the students. It was found that an average student would spend about 85% on the media platforms.

Part Two of the assignment

The media devices used are; phone, tablets, laptops or desktops, TV, Radio, CD players and DVD player.

Media devicesHow much it costCost to replace or upgrade
CD player$40$15
DVD player$43$18

The service and data plan are essential for the usability of the devices. Therefore, my Phone has an average of $25 in four weeks. The plan is used for the Phone is similar to the data plan for the Tablet and laptop/Desktop each costing $25. This is a limit of two gigabytes for each of the three devices in four months/one month. Moreover, the TV service plan will cost about $36 for the service provider subscriptions. The subscription allows the consumer to watch the news and other programs through the TV. The service plan for the DVD and CD players is free except that you have to purchase the DVDs and CDs any moment an individual wants to watch a movie.

I always subscribe to Netflix for entertainment services. Netflix has some plans such as standard plan, premium and also a basic plan. The standard plan costs $11 per month; the premium plan costs $12 while the basic plan costs $8. I have been using the premium plan which fits the entertainment services I require.

I usually accompany my friends to a movie theatre during the weekends. This is usually $15 per session. Perhaps, in a month we could go twice while other weekends we spend watching at home and do other duties. Thus, this comes to a total cost of $30 per month. On the other hand, to download a movie will cost about $5 per movie ranging from one half to two hours movie.

Based on music/theatres concerts /shows, I do spend some little amount. The music concerts take place every weekend with famous artists attending the events. The entrance tickets or charges are normally at $20. Every month I usually attend like one concert balancing with the other activities on the weekends. The sporting activities are rarely held with special sporting operations such as footballs being held once every year. The entrance charges are usually fared ranging from $10-$15 based on normal and VIP seat sections respectively.

Reflection on media usage

I believe that some media cost are worthwhile while others are somehow exaggerated. Based on the information above, it is vivid that entertainment occupies a more significant portion of my expenditure. This is relatively compared to the number of fees that I pay as school fees.  Therefore, my media usage is at the pick and a small extension could lead to overspending and also the removal of some entertainment services would affect my operations in and out of schools. I think that the programs fit my current plan and life as a student by filling the gaps that might exist when there are no classes. The value of the media usage corresponds to the proposition of cost factor. For example, the availability of musical concerts, movie theatres, and sporting activities is a point for learning and at the same time being exposed to what is happening to the society. Therefore, my media usage is effective.

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