Service marketing Discussion Questions

Discussion 1 Assessment

Case Study; Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company: The Quest for Service Excellence

Question 1

Ritz-Carlton is a luxury hotel that attracts more than a discerning guest that desire an ambient and wide range of facilities. As part of the gold standard services offered in the hotel, credo and motto are utilized on a daily basis. The gold standards of the services based on comfort and client’s satisfaction that is their priority. Thus, they exist to make sure that the customers who find their way to the company gets the best to bring a long-lasting relationship with them. The services include clean environment, well-educated staff, room quality and the availability of all types of food regardless of which part of the country the customer is coming from (Solnet and Kandampully, pg. 164) 

Question 2

Ritz-Carlton’s business strategy is to make sure that they have achieved and exceeded the expectation of the customers. Since the people are always attracted by quality and standard services, they will always find the qualities in the hotel. Therefore, when the customer meets gold standard services toppled with credo, motto and other services, the expectation will be met. According to study, the primary factor of hotel customer satisfaction is the behavior and attitude of the service workers, the level of cleanliness and availability of what the clients want.

Question 3

The 7ps of marketing provides the media of undertaking the business strategy. These are product, price, promotion, place, packaging, people and positioning. Ritz-Carlton hotel has ensured that food, accommodation and all services are available every day. The prices of the services are based on what the client want. The Hotel brands itself as more than just five-star hotels but a lifestyle brand based on the level of quality services. Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is the first and only hotel organization to win the desirable Malcolm Bald ridge National Quality Award (Ivy, pg. 290). The place is secure, clean and has enough packing for all the clients. Based on packaging, the hotel uses modern equipment to deliver their services. There are well-trained customer service and proper management.

Question 4

To maintain and manage the brand, the Hotel human resource department works closely with the other operation departments. The Ritz-Carlton takes care and employs great skills in recruiting and selecting their staff. These are done with the information comparing with their competitors. Moreover, the selected team are taken for training and allowed to further their education to improve their experience. Consequently, they also provide better tools for efficient delivery of the services.


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Discussion 2 Assessment

Branding services information

The H&M group is a group that offers fashion and quality efficiently and suitable for men, women, teenagers, and children at the best price. They provide ranging the sparkling gala outfits, and an exclusive designer corporation to a routine basis and a high-performance yoga wear to assist the fashion fans globally in dressing in accordance to their personal styles as they recommend to the company (Pahl and Mohring, pg. 68). In recent times, the company faced some significant challenges during in its operations in providing their design to the customers. The problem came as a result of the post on sending a message of racism factor on its online portal. The post showed a black child modeling a hoodie that states ‘’the coolest monkey in the jungle.’’ The controversy arose due to the post on their website explaining their discriminatory factor and promotion on the issue of racism. However, according to research, this was a plot by their competitors to put down the group. The group has apologized for the issue at hand promising to find its cause.

The presented brand

The group has reported launching their ninth brand in their services to their clients. The Swedish fashion giants plan to move on and expand their market field. However, not much is known about the new brand that the company is planning to launch. This is through their spokesman who was unable to share information about the group.

Most of the group advertising is done through online portals where they meet with their clients such as musicians and acting companies. Moreover, the company embraces word of mouth based on referrals from their staff and loyal clients (Moorthi, pg. 254)

External brand communication

H&M group depends so much on artists and acting companies as their primary clients. The group has met the needs of many clients through their design and skills. A Canadian singer called Tesfaye was commonly known as Weeknd is one of their customers who also claimed the issue in their post. Therefore, the group has moved miles in ensuring that their website is clean from any controversies. The online portal is the main platform for the advertisement that the company uses to connect with their clients.

Customer experience with the company

The group has served the customers well in delivering their design in consideration to the clients’ expectation. The customer has had a good experience with the group regarding the quality of services. However, the online issue controversy brought another chapter on their experience and destroyed the good relationship that existed forcing the group to apologize (Lovelock, pg.35)


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Discussion 3 Assessment

Case Study; Incredible India: The Evolution of Brand India

The Indians grappled with a national brand to market the national tourism globally. They addressed by creating a national log with a tagline about tourism for advertisement purposes. These include India’s heritage and imagery (Dwivedi, pg.231).

Incredible India wanted to educate people about the importance of promoting domestic tourism and also the role of branding in both local and international markets. They established a powerful and unified brand identity for their nation.

They introduced new products to the market to attract the tourist. Moreover, they created permissive policies for foreign direct investments, improved infrastructure and other socioeconomic changes (Dwivedi, pg.231). 

India is described as one country that jumped on the nation’s branding bandwagon.

The four brand strategies

  1. A distinct symbol

The advantage of the brand is that it has a distinct reputation for the product which makes it easy for the company to enter the market easily. The disadvantage is that a large company cannot use one brand to represent very many products to the market since it can be confusing.

  1. Umbrella brand with distinct sub-brands

The advantage is that a successful sub-brand can assist advertise and improve exposure for the primary or parent brand in the market. However, the disadvantage is that the sub-brand may need corporate restructuring to accommodate a new brand together with its identity in the market.

  1. Umbrella brand would only transfer general valued and credibility

The advantage is that the brand is flexible and can be modified when the company wants to introduce a new brand in the market. However, the disadvantage is that if one of the products under the umbrella is of poor quality, then it will affect the other products in the brand.

  1. Multiple independent standalone brands

The advantage is that in case one of the products in the brand is of poor quality, it will not affect the sale of other products in the brand. However, the disadvantage is that it is costly to the company to enact different brands about the products that the company produces (Kapferer, pg. 47)


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Discussion 4

Case Study, Marquee: Reinventing the Business Nightlife

Question 1

Marquee business model is the organizational plan for successful operation of a business through effective marketing strategies and product development. Marquee has a super coordinated dancing arena with fantastic music such as a span of a mix of the current hits and throwbacks. The club has a nice pool area that attracts so many people. Moreover, the club is crowded which draws more people since no one would go to an isolated area. The primary source of revenue for Marquee is the attendees with an average of $70,000 as income.  The entrance fee for Marque is $20, the drinks range from $10-$14, $150 chair fees and other charges (Gordon, pg. 397).

Question 2

The different customer segment is vital for the business to meet all the customers in the area despite their level of incomes. Marquee business will be able to reach out to both the middle and fast class people in New York with a different treatment based on the amount paid by the customer. The promoters will contact the band management and inform them on the deals for the shows that the customer would likely enjoy and like (Koch et al).

Question 3            

The market for DJs is based on their effectiveness to go with the customers and play the music that the will attract the customers. Moreover, the one who well informed and understand the customer segments and the music that they would like. The source of power is their brand and the diversity and quality services they deliver to the customer. The rising fees are proportional to the standard of services being offered. Therefore, the only way to control the services is to reduce or maintain the level of services (Lovelock and Patterson).


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Discussion 5

Case Study, Chantale and Clinton Call For Service

Question 1      

Based on their experience, Chantale and Clinton expected that the Canadian would provide a very customer oriented customer services. They expected to see more than a frontline representation that is connected with the best interest of the customer. They expected a more follow up based on their calls from the Canadian to check the state of the refrigerator since it had a problem. These developed since they had bought some multiple home appliances and the Canadian would come very first to check and solve the problem. Therefore, they expected the same customer service to be given which turned out negative compared to before (Clow, pg. 4)

Question 2

I think the Canadian company could be facing a management and operation problem. There might be lack of communication between the departments, and that is why a client can call with no retrogressive feedback.

Question 3

They can send technicians to handle the situation and also provide a replacement if the refrigerator could not be repaired. Moreover, the management can also call Chantale and Clinton and apologize, then afterward promise for immediate assistance. This is important because losing a loyal customer could be a significant loss to the company (Chaffey, pg.405).


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