The connection between internet or media and common based society

The media and the common based society have various relationships that are advanced through technology. The common based society refers to a change in the values and policies away from the market-based systems that are much concentrated in the modern society. The common has always been the center of human civilization. The society depends on the media and internet for information while at the same time the media depends on the society as the source of information and the clients for the information. There is a mutual dependence between the society and the media that makes it possible to say that without the society there will be no media and therefore this makes the society to be much of importance. According to Haythornthwaite “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. ” This indicates that the media and society are inseparable and depend on one another. The paper will tackle the connectivity between the media or the internet with the common based society.

The society requires news or information from the media for various reasons; it can be used to socialize and on the other to enforce decision and come up with opinions. The common based society needs the internet especially on the social media to communicate with other people outside the environment without actually meeting them face to face. Moreover, other may require the media to act as a platform for the education for people in the society. Therefore, through the media has been used to teach the society about their rights, moral, religious and the social duties (Castells, Manuel, and Gustavo). However, the media have also depended on the learned people within the society for the actualization and finding the truth about what is happening around that other people may not understand. Manuel states that ‘’ It can be argued that nowadays wealth, power, and knowledge generation are largely dependent on the ability to organize.  society to reap the benefits of the new technological system, rooted in microelectronics, computing, and digital communication, with its growing connection to the biological revolution and its derivative, genetic engineering.’’ An organized society that the media departments establish creates a good and effective environment for good relationship that can assist gain wealth and power (Castells & Manuel).

Furthermore, since the common based society is dependent on internet or media, and the communication network that transcends to the boundaries. The society becomes a global village based on the media and the existence of internet that allows connection to other parts of the world. Thus, it is pervasive that logic changes exist in every country on the planet since it is diffused through the use of internet or the social media and hence we call it globalization. In fact, it this 21st century, many people in the common based society might be excluded due to the transformation systems that have existed through the internet modes of communication. However, many people in the society have been included affected by logic and the powerful connection or relationship that exists in the global network from the social organizations. The current civilization of the common based society has taken the hands of various media departments through the changes in lifestyle regarding dressing or eating habits and also business-wise through online marketing that is based on trust and not actualization that takes place face to face (Castells & Manuel). Therefore, we can say that we have evolved from “the organization man” to the “flexible woman.”

The common urban individual always wakes up in the morning and then checks on what’s on the TV and communicates with other people and perhaps makes up some decision based on the information from the internet or instead of the media. The common based societies have always relied on the media for the direction of what is happening and perhaps on what we should be aware of and the current news. Moreover, the societies have put their entire trust in the media as an authority figure that assists the people to design their lives, for updates, entertainment, and education. Most of the marketing is performed through the media since the society trust what the media says and believe it to be true and effective (Castells & Manuel). The media has greatly affected the teenagers in the society through influence on what they see, the advertisement through their celebrity and perhaps that the media has imposed. They usually buy what they have seen and verified through the media. In most cases, there have been negative influences on the use of guns by the celebrity movie stars that have made the youths in the society to replicate and adopt the same behaviors in real life situations. According to Manuel ‘’People, by and large, do not fake their identity on the Internet, except for some teenagers experimenting with their lives. People fold the technology into their lives, link up virtual reality and real virtuality; they live in various technological forms of communication, articulating them as they need it.’’

On the other hand, the media and the internet have also depended on the common based society through various ways. From Manuel’s article ‘’Societies have moved from a mass media system to a customized and fragmented multimedia system, where audiences are increasingly segmented.’’ Therefore, for the communication to be effective and relevant, there must be an audience and a feedback mechanism. The society provides the environment for that to take place and the effectiveness of the entire process (Castells & Manuel). The media needs the society for information build up and collection that can be shared with other parts of the society through the media. Therefore, the society provides the data and information about the occurrence in the society to make the views effective and significant. For example, an event happening in the society such as celebrations is taken, and then it is aired to the other people as updates. The celebrities and major politicians in the society serve as a source of information with the media trace through their lives.’’ politics  is  largely  dependent  on  the  public  space  of socialized communication, the political process is transformed under  the  conditions  of  the  culture  of  real  virtuality.’’  Thus, the media cannot serve in isolation but depends on the society.

Moreover, the media depends on the society for critics and creation of awareness. The society has to do something right or wrong for the media to come up to share the information. The society is therefore imperative, and its negligence can be a benefit to the media. The social media like Facebook, Tweeter, and others cannot exist without the people from various culture and tradition who come to share what they have with each other through the media platform. The media, therefore, connects people through the network that is impossible to take place through face to face communication. Manuel states that ‘’ the new, informational model of development redefines the condition of shared growth in the world.’’  The media has to come in between them for the exact creation of friendship. Consequently, the society is the virtual employer to most social media department and internet industries. They majorly depend on the interaction of the society for them to come in and provide the services of connection (Castells, Manuel, and Gustavo).


The connection between the media or the internet and the common based society is real and fractional. They depend on one another for resources, information, and data and also for connectivity. The society needs the media for informational updates, critics, entertainment and education among others. The society depends on the media and internet for information while at the same time the media depends on the society as the source of information and the clients for the information. There is a mutual dependence between the society and the media that makes it possible to say that without the society there will be no media and therefore this makes the society to be much of importance. On the other hand, the society is the sole employer of the media and internet developers. It is vivid that without the common based society (those who needs transformation’’ the media has no place to exist and its role would not be felt.

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